Erin & Matt

The Bride: I had the pleasure of working with Megan of Arbor and Bloom Events from October 2017 until our wedding in July of 2018 for the full service planning package and can definitely say that she is well worth it. Megan more than exceeded my expectations. She completely handled all vendor communication, budgeting and timeline work. She took our unconventional wedding ideas and found vendors and contacts to make our vision possible. She's also found great ways to cut costs so that we would stay within our budget- without us having sacrifice our wants. She's always 5 steps ahead so that we would know the things that we should be thinking about in order to make decisions. She was always easy to get a hold of and and did a great job of staying in touch. Another thing I really appreciated about Megan is that she is constantly wanting to learn and be better for her clients. Throughout our time working together, she checked in to make sure I was feeling good about the planning process, and made sure I felt like we were working well together too. You can tell that she cares not only about the job at hand (planning a "successful" wedding), but also making sure her clients feel comfortable and excited throughout the entire process. In the end, our wedding day was perfect. And that's not to say that there weren't a few setbacks throughout the day. With plans for an outdoor ceremony on a rainy day in July, Megan made the transition to "plan B" smooth and seemingly effortless. I can't give her enough positive praise and feedback. She is hardworking, so caring and personable, and amazing at what she does!

Father of the Bride: I can't recommend Megan enough. We had to make last hour adjustments from outside to inside for the ceremony due to inclement weather. Then adjusted again for the reception outdoors. Megan took it all in stride. She executed every part of the plan flawlessly. We would have never pulled this off without her. Every detail was handled in the most competent way. She was a life saver and even kept the bride and her mom from killing each other. If you are planning a wedding, hire Megan right away. You'll be glad you did. SHE IS AWESOME!!!

Mother of the Bride: I highly recommend Arbor and Bloom Events. As the mother of the bride who lives in a different city, Megan’s organization and follow up kept us all on the same page leading up to the big day. The venue chosen had its challenges and Megan was on top of everything. Including delaying setting up because of rain. She had a plan B ready to go. Everything came together beautifully. There were so many things she took care of in the background which made the day special. Megan was simply the best! We were so thankful for her.

Megan Adams